Amarumayu’s Movement to Save the Taricaya Turtles

When you join the AMARUMAYU movement, everyday you will learn about the the treasures of the Amazon rainforest. “In the “Abanico del Pastaza”, a wide area of wetlands in the Peruvian Amazon, there are more than 260 different species of birds, 66 species of mammals and about 300 species of fish. In its 3.8 million hectares it contains enormous extensions of palm trees with Amazonian fruits, where more than 300 indigenous communities live”.

One of the most precious animals in the Amazon basin is the Taricaya Turtle.

These turtles are found in tributaries and large lakes of South America’s Amazon Basin. The hatching of their eggs on Amazonian riverbanks takes between 55-70 days, and they live a long time-their average life span is 60 to 70 years despite their small size (They can grow up to 45 cm long and weigh up to 8 kg).

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The #AMARUMAYU movement is committed to protecting & preserving all wildlife across the Amazon, especially its endangered species! Amongst the growing numbers of species on the verge of extinction are the precious #TaricayaTurtles found in the Loreto department of the #PeruvianAmazon ? Tune into our latest YouTube ? linked in our bio, to learn all you need to know about these playful reptiles & why their preservation is so important in maintaining equilibrium within the Amazon's diverse ecosystem??? #AMARUMAYU is also pledging to donate all funds generated on our channel to #SaveTheTaricayas so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube community & share with loved ones to be part of this impactful movement! Stay posted for more exciting updates to come as #FutureGuardians ??#JoinTheMovement

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Check out our video to see how tiny they are, and why we want to save them. They’re so small that a few fit in the palm of one hand!

If you’ve fallen in love with the turtles and can’t bare to say goodbye, start planning your trip now to visit the Taricaya_Ecological_Reserve in n Madre de Dios-Peru to see the turtles live!

You can volunteer to experience the jungle in a unique way, working with wildlife professionals and nature experts on the various conservation projects developed within the 476ha of Taricaya Ecological Reserve. It is a top experience on Trip Advisor. It’s the ultimate in ecotourism, and a short flight from Lima to Puerto Maldonado.

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Please join our movement to become a #Guardian of the Amazon and #savethetaricayas!

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