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Science Roundup: What are the Health Benefits of Superfruits?

It’s common sense that getting more fruits and vegetables in one’s diet is generally a good idea.

You know the saying: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But in the modern world, we have a lot more choices than just apples. We have access to an entire global ecosystem of superfruits—and it only makes sense to take advantage of this when we can.

With that in mind, what are the superfruits available to us today, and what kinds of health benefits might they offer? Let’s look at a few.

Camu camu fruits (Myrciaria dubia), Myrtaceae family. Location: on the banks of the Rio Negro. Amazon, Brazil.

The Health Benefits of Camu Camu Superfruit

Let’s start with one of our favorite superfruits—Camu Camu. Haven’t heard of it? This tart berry looks like a cherry, but is native to the Amazon. One of the reasons people seek it out so much is that they believe it offers a wide variety of power-packed health benefits, such as:

  • Antioxidants galore! One article notes that antioxidants have the potential to manage all sorts of disease, which is why antioxidants have been given so much attention in recent years. Camu Camu’s antioxidant-rich nutrients can help ensure that you’re getting enough.
  • Possible anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation is typically a symptom of your immune system’s response to a “perceived injury or infection,” according to Health at Harvard. The word “perceived” is key there. If your body is overly taxed or stressed in the absence of genuine threats, it can potentially lead to serious health problems.
  • Potential benefits for a healthy body weight. When scientists gave Camu Camu to mice in one study, some fascinating things happened. For starters, the gut microbiome changed for these mice. That’s a health benefit by itself. But it appeared that these changes also promoted healthy weight maintenance. One thing is clear: no two calories are alike, because they can have a powerful impact on the way we feel. And Camu Camu’s unique nutritional profile may help promote a healthy body weight.

That isn’t all. Consider that Camu Camu had impacts on the blood vessels, which may explain its contributions to a reduction in blood pressure. That, combined with the fact that Camu Camu is a rich source of vitamin C, means that this superfruit can do so much more than just please the palate.

The Health Benefits of Buriti Superfruit

Even in the world of superfruits, no two fruits are alike. And while the buriti is another tropical fruit, its taste, texture, and health benefits distinguish it from the rest.

Why the texture? Buriti contains a higher amount of oleic acid than many fruits. Oleic acid is the same fat that gives olive oil much of its health benefits. Yes, it’s fat, but as an unsaturated fatty acid, it may have considerable health benefits, according to one review.

Like Camu Camu, Buriti also works as a rich source of antioxidants. One study even highlighted the unique profile of these antioxidants. It makes for an interesting read, highlighting how this fruit source is different from what you might find at your local supermarket among the more recognizable fruits.

What is a “superfruit”?

It’s a loose term, of course. There is a wide spectrum in the health benefits of eating fruits. But one thing is clear: there are unique properties to fruits like Buriti and Camu Camu that could impact your food choices. Once you understand these health benefits, it may change your choices.

And it just so happens that these fruits can be harvested without destroying the Earth! At AMARUMAYU, we make sure that the Amazonian superfruits we use are sustainably wild-harvested, ensuring a positive impact on the indigenous communities from which they are sourced.

Learn more about all of the benefits of these Amazonian Superfruits by checking out our video on Youtube: THE AMAZON’S TOP 5 SUPERFRUITS

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