Give the Gift of Immunity

Healthy Holidays and cheers to your health! Why not give the Gift of Immunity this Holiday Season?

AMARUMAYU Superfruit Juices are exotic, delicious, nutritious and great for holiday sipping (and make a tasty and tropical cocktail or mocktail mixer too!).

Here’s what TREND HUNTER HAD TO SAY: “Heading into cold and flu season, health-conscious consumers are looking for immunity drinks that boast the ability to share functional benefits to support the body’s systems. AMARUMAYU is introducing two new immunity beverages that share potent ingredients like Buriti and Camu Camu superfruits from the Peruvian Amazon.

The new line of immunity-boosting Superfruit Juices is mindfully created to mitigate climate change and prevent the deforestation of the Amazon. As such, AMARUMAYU uses a regenerative approach and only uses fruit from trees that have not been cut down in order to support and preserve the natural ecosystems.

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Our Camu Camu & Buriti Superfruit Juices are 100% Juice, with No Added Sugar and No Preservatives, and will bolster your body’s immunity with Vitamin C, Omegas 3, 6 & 9, and Minerals such as Potassium, Calciium and Iron.

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Thank you. Happy Healthy Holidays from AMARUMAYU!

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